We would like to express our sincere condolences to everyone who has suffered from the Earthquake at Eastern part of Iburi, Hokkaido on Sep, 2018. We sincerely pray for a smooth and fast recovery, as well as the safety of everyone.
T.O. Department Store is open for business as usual from 9/8 (Saturday), 10:00-19:00 / 1st (or ground) floor & 4th floor open until 20:00).

Greetings to our guests from oversea!

Welcome to T.O. Department Store

T.O. Department Store is located in a six-story building offering an extensive range of products.
Among our merchandise are clothing, jewelry, cosmetics, luxury handbags and wrist watches, household electronics, home goods, and much more.
That’s not all, we also have a food supermarket, a 100-yen shop (DAISO), and café.

Business Hours

Open 365 days a year,
10 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Ground Floor and 3rd
Floor open until 8:00 p.m.

(US Eng: 1st Floor & 4th Floor)

Contact Us!


10-25, Yanagawa-cho,
Hakodate, Hokkaido


(Address written in Japanese)

Telephone & Email

(+81) 138-32-0001

Email us: inquiry form


Support provide mainly
in Japanese.

(We also have English speaker but it

will depends on his availability

on that day.)

Accepted Payment Methods

Accepted Payment Methods


(in Japanese yen)

Credit Cards



銀聯 China Union Pay Card

(debit cards)

Always looking forward to your arrival!

Access Us & Choice of Transport

Access Map

1st choice of transport

By Taxi

About 10-minutes taxi ride from the JR Hakodate Station “函館駅前 Hakodate Ekimae”

2nd choice of transport

By City Streetcar
“市電 shiden”

Take the streetcar from JR Hakodate Station “函館駅前 Hakodate Ekimae”

Ride until Station “五稜郭公園前 Goryokaku Koenmae”.

After arrived at Station “五稜郭公園前 Goryokaku Koenmae”, takes around 10 minutes walk.

3rd Choice of transport

By Own Vehicle

We provide free parking

(space available for 114 vehicles)

Your are most welcome to join us!

Latest News, Events & Updates

Great Offer!

WeChat Pay China National Day Campaign!

WeChat Pay Campaign!

Duration: 26th September 2018 Onward

(End Date Not Fix Yet)
1 The cash back benefit applies when a full payment was made within 2 RMB (around Yen 32) and a maximum of 200 RMB (around Yen 3,200) at any WeChat Pay participating store.
2 The customers are allow to choose whether to receive a full amount cash back, or a next time purchase coupon would be issued.
3 The cash back amount would automatically refund into customer's WeChat Pay Wallet.
4 As for the coupon, in order to use it, customer must have an amount of purchase which is above the issued coupon’s value. For example: A 200 RMB value of coupon can only be used when the customer has a purchase of 201 RMB. The coupon will then be spent automatically and customer will only needs to pay for the balance amount.
5 One Customer (One user account) can enjoy this benefit twice a day.

Great News!

Tax Free is much flexible now!

1st of July 2018 onward, we allow tax free for a combination of both general merchandise and consumable goods in a single receipt within a purchase of 5,000 yen until 500,000 yen (excluding taxes). Both category of goods will be sealed in a specific, transparent plastic bag. Customer is not allow to open the seal and consume the goods before leaving Japan within 30 days.

For your info

New duty-free system launched.

In summer 2015, a new duty-free system was launched.
The time taken to complete the process is much shorter now.
About 80% of the processing time is reduced compare with the previous system.

Have a wonderful time shopping with us!

Tax Exemption Service & Guideline

Tax Exemptions

Our store will gladly accept applications for tax exemptions.

(only on the day of purchase)

Latest tax handling news

Who is eligible for tax free

Foreigner who have been staying in Japan less than 6 months.

Passport is require when making an application.

Residents of Japan are not eligible.

What products are tax free (1)

General merchandise

Clothing, fashion goods, accessories, wrist watches, and etc.

With a purchase of 5,000 yen or above, excluding tax.

Please be sure that items are bring out of Japan within 6 months of the date of purchase so that to avoid any inconvenient during immigration and custom clearance.

What products are tax free (2)

Consumables goods

Foods, beverages, cosmetics, medicines, etc.

With a purchase between 5,000 yen and 500,000 yen, excluding tax.

Consumables goods will then be sealed in a specific, transparent plastic bag.

Customer is not allow to open the seal and consume the goods before leaving Japan within 30 days.

Outlets that have tax free service

Cosmetic stores

(Ground Floor / US Eng: 1st Floor)


(Ground Floor / US Eng: 1st Floor)


(cosmetics, 1st Floor / US Eng: 2nd Floor)

World Import Boutique EX

(branded goods and fragrances,

1st Floor / US Eng: 2nd Floor)

Outlets excluded from tax exempt

Food market

(Ground Floor / US Eng: 1st Floor)


(Ground Floor / US Eng: 1st Floor)

Book store 文教堂

(3rd Floor / US Eng: 4th Floor)

100-yen shop DAISO

(3rd Floor / US Eng: 4th Floor)

Event Hall

(5th Floor / US Eng: 6th Floor)

Travel Center

(5th Floor / US Eng: 6th Floor)

Massage Puamana

(5th Floor / US Eng: 6th Floor)

Service Counter

(5th Floor / US Eng: 6th Floor)

Rules That Should Pay Attention

Consumable goods will be sealed in a specified, transparent plastic bag.

Please do not open the package until you have leave Japan.

A friendly reminder that if you open the sealed plastic bag, you will probably be charged an appropriate amount of tax at custom clearance.

Sealed means any items which sealed in the plastic cannot be consumed during your stay in Japan.

Limited to individual customers.

It is always a pleasure to be at your service!

In Case You Need Our Assistance...

Step by step guidelines

Procedure With Step by Step Guide to Tax exemption service

1 Firstly choose the products that you want in the department store.

2 Secondly, one of our staff will guide you to the tax exemption service center at:

1st Floor

World Import Boutique EX

Business Hour:

10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

(US Eng: 2nd Floor)

Ground Floor

Handbag Corner

Business Hour:

7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

(US Eng: 1st Floor)

3 Complete the tax exemption process.

The person who make the purchase is required to have a passport (with entry certification stamp).

4 Make Payment.

Others than Japanese yen, we also accept various cards such as:
VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, and China Union Pay Cards (銀聯).

5 Packing and Sealing.

Thank you for your purchase, the items will be sealed with a specified transparent plastic which you are not advisable to open it until you have leave Japan.

6 We will be looking forward to serve you again.

Translation tablet devices!

Translation tools & devices

We provide translation tablet devices and conversation sheets (point to expressions, etc.) on the 1st ~ 3rd floors for your convenience.

The supported language mainly include English, Traditional & Simplified Chinese, Korean, and Thai.

(various other language are also supported)

Please allow us to assist you!

Floor map of tax exemption service center

1st floor service center

1st floor tax exemption service center!

Ground floor service center

Ground floor tax exemption service center!

Please allow us to assist you!

Floor Map of T.O. Department Store

Ground floor

Ground floor T.O. Department store!

1st floor

1st floor T.O. Department store!

2nd floor

2nd floor T.O. Department Store!

3rd floor

3rd floor T.O. Department store!

4th floor

4th floor T.O. Department store!

5th floor

5th floor T.O. Department Store!